Students’ project

Robotics specialty group:

NGUYEN Victoria, FU Daniel, SHLYKOVA Olga, MOREL Théo.

This group was responsible for developing the kinaesthetic feedback prototype and an initial mapping/planning/navigation solution, with the aim of testing their solution on the sidewalk challenge

Applied Mathematics and Computer Science specialty group: FIDA CYRILLE Rudio, NGUYEN Mathieu, BENELKATER Mohamed, MAFO Marilyne

This group was responsible for the development and testing of different artificial intelligence alogrithms for the empty seats challenge. 
Master in electronics, electrical energy and automation – Engineering for health
As part of a teaching unit on the development of rehabilitation and/or assistive devices, all the students got together in groups of three or four to propose their own techonological solution to one of the challenges proposed by the VIS cybathlon race. Each of their projects is summarized in a short video on this page dedicated to their work.

Master of computer scienceDistributed Agents, Robotics, Operational Research, Interaction and Decision 


This group of students worked in parallel with others on the development of a navigation algorithm for cluttered environments.