The ETH Zurich, CYBATHLON is a series of international competitions organized by ETH Zurich for disabled participants authorized to use bionic assistive technologies, such as robotic prostheses, brain-computer interfaces, and powered exoskeletons.

Our team is gearing up for the upcoming Cybathlon 2024 competition, where we will tackle the challenge of assisting individuals with visual impairments (VIS challenge).

People with severe visual impairment lack essential environmental information, impacting their daily activities and autonomy. Innovative technologies, like intelligent white canes, aim to bridge this gap by converting visual information into accessible sensory data. However, current solutions often have limited functionality or practicality, highlighting the need for smart vision assistive technology that intuitively addresses the challenges faced by individuals with visual impairments.

Our vision

Through the fusion of robotics, artificial intelligence, and human-machine interaction skills, we aim to create a solution that enhances the daily lives of the visually impaired.

In Team A-Eye, our goal is to replicate the kinesthetic feedback experienced during Sighted Guide Techniques. This involves simulating the tactile sensations associated with changing directions and engaging in more intricate forms of communication, such as navigating narrow passageways, reversing direction…

For this purpose, we aim to develop a wearable robotic interface capable of moving the user’s hand in two dimensions.

Our solution relies on the research conducted by Ludovic Saint-Bauzel and Fabien Vérité in the field of sensory substitution/augmentation through kinesthetic feedback (see research page for more details).

The A-Eye team is a group formed within Sorbonne University with the objective of showcasing the work and expertise of our students and the cutting-edge research conducted within the university under a collaborative project. The development of our solution is grounded in the ongoing efforts of several student groups, each dedicated to addressing specific challenges of the event.

Current partners